Connect Jordan

CONNECT is an organization that links entrepreneurs to the financial, technical and business development resources they need to create and develop high-growth technology companies in Jordan. Founded in 1985 at the urging of San Diego’s business community, UCSD CONNECT is widely regarded as the most successful program in the USA. By organizing activities and offering advice, CONNECT Jordan supports and improves the opportunities for entrepreneurs and start-ups. The needs of entrepreneurs are always central, and CONNECT’s objective is to speed up the start-ups’ commercialization, thus creating additional jobs in Jordan.

Working closely With CONNECT Sweden; CONNECT Jordan links entrepreneurs and resources through what is called springboards; springboards are intended to support the development of growth companies.

An expert panel helps entrepreneurs solve problems and identify opportunities, and gives practical advice on what action entrepreneurs should take to exploit these opportunities. “Springboards” are intended primarily to serve newly started companies, but can also help more mature companies to make progress.

“Springboards” make up the core CONNECT activity. Other important activities include financial forums, partnership forums and instructional publications.